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Careers Opportunity

Communications Manager, PACE.

PACE is a company that fast forwards our clients’ paths to digital transformation by leveraging the most important component of their digital strategy—their people. We have a proven methodology that helped one of our clients unlock an additional $54 million in annual production value for a short interval control project that was implemented for a year.


We are not an EPCM who manages large capital projects or a performance excellence firm who is looking to make slow change. We are at the forefront of a blue ocean, a new industry called digital or technology adoption with our proven methodology in digital adoption designed for the mining sector that matches site specific problems to technology solutions to provide clients with an immediate return on their technology investment.

Events & Marketing Coordinator for Beyond Digital Transformation, PACE.

PACE is looking for a dynamic, fun and easy to get along with Events & Marketing Coordinator to organize and execute marketing, social media and coordinate events. You should be an engaging professional with a creative mind and excellent communication skills. We are looking for someone with enthusiasm and passion for a job well done. Your goal is to cultivate a positive company image and help PACE reach its goals.


Events & Marketing Coordinator Job Overview:

The Events & Marketing Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to work with your Team to find and execute new and unique ways to promote Beyond Digital Transformation. You will also be responsible for organizing unforgettable PACE events, conducting an evaluation following each event and applying the learnings of each event for future events. At PACE we describe an “event” as any activity which intends to draw a group of people together whether virtual, on the phone or in person. Examples of events we host at PACE are training sessions, webinars, conferences, etc.

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