Frequently Asked Questions.



How do I get involved?

You can participate as a contributor, a challenge presenter (mining company), facilitator or sponsor; Fill out this expression of interest and let us know how you would like to be involved and we will connect with you with the right team as the idea factories open up


Is there a charge for me to attend?

There is no charge for attendance, but the workshop attendees will have prioritized attendees from mining companies and verified subject matter experts and solution providers.


How will you narrow in on the specific BIG Challenge to ideate on?

We do this in two ways: first, we ensure we have mining company representatives with similar and specific challenges who are eager to have insight into potential solutions. Second, during the first part of the workshop the attendees prioritize which BIG challenge will be focused upon.


Is there an opportunity for me to be a presenter or speaker?

This idea factory format only allows challenge presenters (mining companies) to present their challenges, but our sponsors are provided 5 minutes during each workshop of “airtime” however they choose to use their airtime is up to them.


How do you ensure confidentiality of sensitive information?

All Information that will be posted on LinkedIn and other web/ social media/ articles will be pre-approved through the mining company representative, prior to distribution. For the workshops itself mining companies can require attendees to sign non-disclosure agreements and the information collected during the workshop will be kept confidential. Any promotional videos, materials etc. from the workshop will be pre-approved by mining company representatives prior to distribution.


How do you ensure neutrality in focusing on the problem and avoid unsolicited sales pitches?

We do this in two ways: first, the workshop facilitators are highly trained & Certified Digital First Facilitators who are highly skilled in managing a virtual crowd. Second, we have a very tight timed agenda that our Digital First Facilitators stick very close to.


How do I engage with the mining companies and share my expertise?

We have set up a LinkedIn event page with the goal of experts and leaders like yourself to share ideas and meaningful dialogue.


Is there more than one expert on the events page?

Yes! We want the best and brightest sharing their knowledge and ideas on the events page. Only a select few or even just one expert will be chosen to participate in this invite-only workshop.


Why isn’t the mining company’s name on the LinkedIn Events page?

The goal is to drum up excitement and engagement on the page and attract as many people to it as possible. We know your skills and knowledge will make you stand out.


How am I chosen to participate in BDT Idea Factory?

The mining company will carefully consider your ideas and those of the other experts and will be inviting only the best.


How much time am I dedicating to this workshop?

There are two, two and a half-hour workshops scheduled. The first is to solve the challenge posed by the mining company and the second is a follow up session to reassess progress made since the initial meeting.


How many people are attending?

It is a small, invite-only workshop with the mines, sponsors and you. No more than 30 people will be in attendance.


What am I getting out of it?

If chosen, you’ll have exclusive time with like-minded sponsors and the mining company itself to pitch your solutions to the challenge. Think of it as a major networking opportunity without having to fight for face time with the mine. You’ll already have it!


What kind of technology do I need so I can participate?

An HD Camera, and a quality microphone


What do you need from me?

We’ll need a short biography for promotional use (less than 100 words). A head shot or resizable image of yourself for promotional purposes. Links to your social media accounts, you phone number so we can reach you, email address and any other relevant links you’d like promoted.


Am I getting paid?

All proceeds from the BDT Idea Factory have traditionally gone to non-profit organizations and charities. Since its inception in 2018, BDT has donated over $100K to charities locally and worldwide. This year’s focus is on giving youth leaving the foster care system unique opportunities to pursue their academic goals and interests.