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The 2022 Beyond Digital Transformation Conference is all about looking at the challenge of designing mine sites with remote-first in mind. Think about the space industry, we have entire teams of people who stay behind on earth to make those missions possible, while a few of us train for and brave the realities of outer space, so why not bring that thinking to mining?

On February 2nd 2022 we will kick off an exploration of Risks, Rewards, Opportunities and Possibilities with forward thinking mining companies who are willing to explore the possibilities of remote first and designing their mines with the least number of people at site in mind.

To make this possible we will need a completely different way of thinking. The current pandemic has highlighted the need for this. This does not mean a person-less mine, it means using people for their knowledge and expertise and more importantly keeping them out of harm’s way. There are many questions to be answered such as, is the technology here? Mining vendors partnering with us say yes! The bigger question is, is the mining community ready? I guess we will find out! For the first time ever Beyond Digital Transformation is looking to hear from not just mining companies but also mining industry suppliers on how their unique solutions could help lay the path forward on any of the following enablers.

1. Connectivity and Communication - This involves everything from stable internet connections to the software and technology required to have seamless connection and communication back and forth from mine sites. How do we leverage technology to enable a diversity and inclusion to surpass language barriers and other challenges that stand in the way?

2. Power and Possibilities – There are many communities not on the power grid and mine sites which still rely on fuel being transported and generated on site. What are the viable alternatives to diesel that also support the net zero targets, that are good for the mining camp and the growth and sustainability of remote communities?

3. Development and Design – What are the special considerations to developing mine sites that will operate with as few humans on site as possible? Who has already done this, who can we learn from? What are the opportunities presented by this possibility?

4. Methods and Machinery – What are the considerations for the mining methods? What mobile equipment technology already exists?

5. People and Partnerships – Where do we access qualified workforce from? How can we remove barriers from under-represented populations? Who is willing to work where and what are the legal considerations of remote work for the different Canadian provinces?

6. Collaboration and Community – Building mines with remote first in mind, requires a deeper partnership, dependence and stewardship from the industry and local communities.  How do we develop capabilities to create thriving populations within remote communities? How do we foster trusted partnerships?

Who is this conference for? This conference is for decision-makers in mining companies, mining technology vendors, indigenous organizations, champions for under-represented populations and other organizations who can help further any of the above pillars towards mining the distance. Mining Companies attending the conference will typically be in the project design and development phase or planning to expand operations.

How do I get Involved? Submit an expression of interest at

What if I need help with taking my existing operation remote? Visit our partners at and book a consultation.

BDT2022 – Mining the Distance

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